The York Association:

Supporting, Calling, Witnessing

The York Association Council acts on behalf of the Association between annual Meetings.

It consists of 12 elected members; 4 officers, 4 committee chairs, and 4 members at large. 


  • Gifts and Graces:  Enthusiasm for the Association living out its mission and ministry, commitment, organization skills, tolerance and effective communication skills.
  • Current duties: 
    • Delegates the work of the Association to standing or other special committees;
    • hears reports of committees;
    •  reviews financial reports;
    •  appoints persons to complete unexpired terms;
    • deals with other appropriate business referred to Council by individuals, member churches, committees, the Penn Central Conference or the General Synod of the United Church of Christ
    • Call Annual Meetings where Council activity for the previous year are subject to approval by majority vote;
    • propose a budget;
    • recommend the rate of per capita support by the member churches;
    • present a slate of names to fill all vacant offices and committees. 
    • Meetings:  Third Tuesday evening of the odd numbered months with a minimum of 5 times per year.  Annual Meeting the first Sunday in November, and on occasion a specially called meeting.

 Community Outreach


  • Gifts and Graces:  Passion for social justice issues, enjoyment of hands-on projects, a love for organizing or brainstorming new ideas
  • The current projects as they search out new and inviting ways to reach out to our community and beyond:
    • -annual YA event highlighting a social justice issue;
    • -oversees YA disaster preparedness
    • -assists the First Capital Group Work
      • Camps and the scholarship fund
      • which supports YA members in
      • attending a work camp,
    • -raise awareness and participation in other PCC and YA events:

–Micro Lending through Opportunity International

–York Habitat for Humanity,

–new outreach opportunities

  • Meetings:  Fourth Monday evening of the even  numbered months


  • Gifts and Graces:  Passion for Communicating the mission and ministry of the York Association
  • Current activities:
    • Publish the newsletter,
    • maintain the web-site,
    • organize the Mother’s Day Street Fair

Meetings:  Fourth Thursday evening of the odd numbered months

Parish Life

  • Gifts and Graces:  Visionary, planner, logistical genius, “do-er”, believer that our faith is strengthened through relationships, committed to finding creative ways to connect people through learning, fellowship, and study
  • Ongoing projects of Parish Life:
    • Leadership Banquet,
    • Ascension Day service,
    • youth events
    • exploring new ideas of clergy spouses/significant other/partner support and/or fellowship group and a book study
  • Meetings:   First Wednesday evening of most months

Committee on Ministry

Gifts and Graces:  Facilitators with critical thinking skills who understand confidentiality, and have a working knowledge of UCC and York Association

  • Current Activities:
    • Credentials committee for all persons and churches seeking standing;
    • shepherds those seeking authorized ministries
    • conducts periodic, special and disciplinary reviews;
    • works with churches in the search and call processes
    • providing a liaison person from the committee to each vacant church
    • Meetings:  First Tuesday morning of each month


  • Gifts and Graces:   Detailed individuals who enjoy dialoguing with people of the York Association, discovering their interests and talents and linking them with Conference and Association needs
  • Current Activities:
    • Places in nomination the names voted at Annual Meeting;
    • maintains list of interested individuals
    • increase awareness in YA churches of the need for people with a variety of gifts and graces on our committees
  • Meetings:  Approximately 5 times per year as needed in the evening 

The Nominations Committee of our York Association seeks your help in finding persons with particular gifts and a steady zeal for the service and work of our United Church of Christ.  The working committees of the Association with a brief description of each are listed on the inside page.  If you feel called to serve, if you would like to learn more of the workings of this community of 29 congregations in the York Association or if you know of someone who you feel is an ideal person to help on one of our committees, please contact either:

Dennis Weidler, Chairperson

(717) 792-0417


Libby Loser, Secretary